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Motivated by a passion for people, quality and innovation, more than 100 years ago, W.K. Kellogg created the first-ever breakfast cereal and then shaped an entire industry. Kellogg’s soon became a household name; his signature, a trusted mark.

From snacks, frozen foods to breakfast cereals and bars, Kellogg’s owns more than 25 brands. Currently, IBL is distributing Pringles, CORN FLAKES, FROSTIES, COCOPOPS, Kellogg’s Special K, SPECIAL K RED BERRY, BRAN Flakes, ALL- Bran, Fruit n Fibre, Honey Loops, Just Right, Sultana Bran, FROOT LOOPS, COCO BALLS, COCO LOOPS, Almond Flakes, COCO Chex, Variety Pack, Cocoa Frosted Flakes, Rice Krispies, Extra Muesli Nuts Delight, Extra Muesli Fruit Magic, Extra Muesli Fruit & Nut, Corn Flakes Strawberry, CHOCOS, CHOCO’s K Pack, Almond & Honey Corn Flakes and Kellogg’s Oat Bites under Kellogg’s.


One of the largest consumer packaged goods companies in North America, Kraft has 22,500 employees across the U.S. and Canada and $18 billion in annual sales.

With a portfolio of iconic brands and a culture of innovation and collaboration, Kraft has the spirit of a start-up and the soul of a powerhouse.

Currently IBL has just entered into a partnership with KRAFT to be their sole distributor agent of their products. For now, these will include Planters’ Nut Range, Kool Aid and Country Time powered beverages and will include more brands from KRAFT as the business grows.


Pringles is a brand of potato and wheat-based stackable snack chips owned by the Kellogg’s Company. Originally marketed as "Pringles Newfangled Potato Chips", Pringles are sold in more than 140 countries, and have yearly sales of more than US$1.4 billion.

IBL distributes theses flavors of Pringles:

Pringles ORIGINAL, Sour Cream & Onion, BBQ, Pringles Chilli Cheese, Pringles Hot & Spicy, Pringles Salt and Seaweed, Pringles Pizza, Pringles Garlic Butter, Pringles Mayo Cheese.


Dietrich Mateschitz founded Red Bull in the mid 1980's, created the formula of Red Bull Energy Drink and developed the unique marketing concept. In 1987, on April 1, Red Bull Energy Drink was sold for the very first time in its home market Austria. This was not only the launch of a completely new product; in fact it was the birth of a totally new product category.

Today Red Bull is available in more than 167 countries and around 50 billion cans of Red Bull have been consumed so far. IBL distributes two varieties of REDBULL: Red Bull Energy Drink and RedBull Sugar Free in sizes of 250ml and 355 ml.


For over 20 years, Canderel has sweetened the lives of people in Pakistan and for much longer in other counties of the world. It is used as an alternative to sugar in a very diverse range of foods and recipes, from sweetening your tea and coffee, to cooking and baking your favourite desi and foreign desserts including, pies and tarts.

This low calorie artificial sweetener is available in two formats (i) aspartame and (ii) sucralose. Aspartame, which is found in 100, 200 tablets and 50 sachets is primarily used to sprinkle over; whereas sucralose, the key ingredient used in granular product offerings of 125g Jar, 100g Pouch and 50 Sticks is used when you are cooking your favourite recipe.


DuPont Corian® is an advanced composite product used as a decorative material in a variety of residential and commercial applications. Supplied in sheets and shapes, it can be fabricated with conventional woodworking tools into virtually any design.

It is widely accepted as a material for countertops, vanity tops, tub/shower walls, kitchen sinks, vanity basins and laboratory bench tops in numerous markets including lodging, healthcare, banks, boutiques, restaurants.

DuPont Corian® Sheets

All colours in the standard colour palette are available in 12 x 760 x 3658 mm sheets.

Some standard dimensions of DuPont Corian® sheets distributed by IBL are:

6mm sheet: 760 x 2490mm
930 x 2490mm
12mm sheet: 760 x 3658mm
930 x 3658mm

Corian® offers a host of practical performance benefits, from durability, heat and stain resistance to ease of maintenance.

DuPont Basic Surfaces

DuPont Basic Surface is a highly practical and stylish decorative material, which can be used in a variety of applications in both commercial and residential sectors such as wall panels, coffee tables, reception desks, kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities and shower surrounds.

DuPont Basic Surfaces sheets are also distributed by IBL.


Founded in 1845 and headquartered in Kilchberg, Switzerland; Lindt & Sprüngli more commonly known as Lindt, is a Swiss chocolate and confectionery company, which through its subsidiaries, engages in the manufacturing and sales of chocolate products. LINDT chocolates are known, world over for their incomparable, unique taste and fine melting texture.

At present, IBL is distributing Lindt Chocolates under its sister concern company, United Bands Limited.

We market and distribute the following chocolates from Lindt:


  • Lindor (Milk/Assorted/Caramel/White/Dark 60%)
  • Lindor Singles (Milk/Hazelnut/White/Caramel/Dark)

Swiss Classic (Milk/Hazelnut/Almond/Raisin Nut/White/White Almond Nougat/Dark Hazelnut)

Lindt EXCELLENCE (Dark 70% and 85%/ Mint Intense/Chilli Intense/ Sea Salt/ Cherry Intense/Orange Intense/Extra Creamy)

Gold Tablets (Milk Hazelnut Gold/Milk Raisin Nut/Gold Milk/Gold Milk Almond/Surfin Gold)

Napolitians (Chocolates Assortment Box)

Swiss Tradition Deluxe


Founded in 1911, Mars, Incorporated is one of the largest food companies in the world.

Based in McLean, Virginia, Mars has net sales of more than $30 billion, six business segments including Petcare, Chocolate, Wrigley, Food, Drinks, Symbioscience, and more than 70,000 Associates worldwide.

Mars owns some of the world’s most popular brands that bring pleasure and satisfaction to hundreds of millions of people around the world.

Popular brands distributed and marketed by IBL under MARS include:

BOUNTY, SNICKERS, TWIX, MARS, M&M’s Chocolate & M&M’s Peanut, GALAXY (Caramel/Fruit n Nut/Hazelnut/Jewels/Ripple)


For more than a century, our company has led the way in developing safe, high-quality, innovative products to help meet the nutritional needs of infants and children. With more than 70 products in over 50 countries, Meadjohnson products are trusted by millions of parents and healthcare professionals around the world.

Mead Johnson’s portfolio of brands represents specialized products moms have trusted for more than a century to encourage healthy growth, support brain development and address common feeding issues.

IBL Operations distributes Mead Johnson’s portfolio of brands including



Mobilink is Pakistan’s leading provider of voice and data services, bringing more people together through service excellence and product innovation. With more than 12 million subscribers, Mobilink maintains market leadership through cutting-edge, integrated technology, the strongest brands and the largest portfolio of value added services in the industry, a broadband carrier division providing next generation internet technology as well as the country’s largest network with over 9,000 cell sites making everyday a better day for its customers.

Since 2001, IBL has been the national distributor for Mobilink, which is offering exclusive & personalized tariff plans catering to the communication needs of a diverse group of people, from individuals to businessmen to corporate and multinationals.


Nestle Health Science offers nutritional solutions for people with specific dietary needs related to illnesses, disease states or the special challenges of different life stages.

IBL Operations distributes two products under license from Nestle Health:

Nestle Resource Optimum (a nutritionally complete, oral supplement specifically formulated for older adults to help support immune function and enhance recovery)

Resource Diabetes (a complete and balanced Nutritional Formula for people with Diabetes)


Searle is one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in Pakistan having three state-of-the art manufacturing facilities in Pakistan. Its mission is to provide its customers with the best possible products and services in the healthcare and consumer industry.

Searle’s portfolio includes three major divisions: Pharma, Consumer Health and Nutrition.

Pharmaceutical range across the therapeutic areas such as Cardiovascular, Respiratory Care, Gastroenterology, Pain Management, CNS, Orthocare, Neuropsychiatry, Probiotics, Antibiotics and Nutritional Care.

IBL distributes the following products under license from Searle:


Searle Vitamin Water

Searle Vitamin Water is a product of Searle (a sister concern of IBL) and was launched in July 2013. We market, sell and distribute Searle Vitamin Water in seven fruity flavors of Apple, Peach, Lychee, Orange, Lemon Lime, Pomegranate and Red Berries, in sizes of 300ml and 500ml.

Packed with vitamins (A, C, B12 and E) and minerals (Calcium and Zinc) Searle Vitamin water has added benefits, which keep you vitalized, active and hydrated throughout the day. It is non-carbonated, free from caffeine and taurine and helps strengthen your bone structure, immunity, digestion and vision.


Johnsons and Johnsons is a multinational organization established in 1886. The organization is present in medical services, pharmaceuticals and consumer packaged segments. J&J includes a total of 250 subsidiaries on a global scale with operations in 60 countries and product availability across 175 countries.

United Brands Limited, a sister concern company of International Brands Limited (IBL) handles the sales, marketing and distribution of Johnsons and Johnsons products locally. The product categories include baby care, personal wash and feminine care.

Baby Range:

Johnson’s baby is the market leader in the Pakistani market with high trust and credibility among the mothers. The product segments include Baby shampoo, Baby lotion, baby powder, baby wash, baby oils, baby wipes, nappy rash cream, petroleum jelly and baby cologne.

Clean and Clear:

Clean and clear is one of the oldest brands in the personal wash category specially targeted towards the skin care needs of females. The flagship SKU “Clean and clear face wash essentials” is the most relied upon brand by females when it comes to facial skin. Under the Clean and Clear umbrella other facial care products include moisturizers, scrubs, exfoliating daily wash, pore cleansers, foaming wash and black head remover bars.

Stay free:

Stay free are sanitary napkins under the feminine care portfolio distributed by United Brands Limted.


The company operates as a subsidiary of Mars, Incorporated and is recognized leader in confections with a wide range of products including gum, mints, hard and chewy candies, and lollipops.

IBL distributes and markets the following products under license from WRIGLEY’S:

Skittles, JUICY FRUIT, DOUBLE MINT, SPEARMINT, Extra Pallet Peppermint and Extra Pallet Spearmint, Extra White Peppermint, Extra Strawberry Pellet, Extra Professional Strong Mint, Extra Professional Fresh Mint, Extra Bubble Mint Pellet, Extra Tab KIDS (Lemonade/Peppermint & white)

With operations in approximately 50 countries and distribution in more than 180 countries, Wrigley's brands bring smiles to faces around the globe.

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