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The Citizen’s Foundation

IBL developed its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) right back when the Company originated. Even though, CSR developed in the early 1990s when large multinational companies began to disclose their environmental and social impact, we are proud to state that we were one of the pioneers in Pakistan.

IBL helps in running several social marketing programs in the field of education and health. There are numerous programs ongoing with the assistance and involvement of our Principals.

We are committed to improving upon our status as a good corporate citizen, and have translated this into deeds through the conception and creation of The Citizen’s Foundation (TCF) in 1995; an organization devoted to providing education for the less-privileged. As of mid-2005 over 220 schools with an enrollment of over 30,000 children across Pakistan are being managed by TCF and adding a new purpose-built school every week of the calendar year.

We show a deep commitment to our employees' quality of life as well as the communities in which they operate. Our entire Group is committed to fostering a work environment based on employee dignity and respect.

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