Our Success Stories
At IBL, each of our divisions have a Success Story to share… 


  • Done ever highest sales in June 2005.
  • Mega Launch in System Premium Category-MACH 3 Turbo Champion Razor.
  • Another launch in system category for Double Edge Razors: Vector Plus Razors and Blades.
  • Perfect Stores:
  • It's the biggest project ever by any FMCG company, caters the displays at all Retail Outlets. Also hired a separate merchandising force on pan Pakistan basis for the project 

  • Safeguard:
  • Achievement of 38% growth over the last year of this Brand of Soaps 

  • Wella:
  • Successfully launched variants all over Pakistan in April 05 of this Hair Care product range
    Searle Pharma & Consumer
  • Ever highest sales of Hydryllin Syrup in 2004-2005.

  • Retail coverage increased by 12% over the last year.

  • Successfully launched 2 new products : Ezium and Xadine.

  • Sales growth over the last year is 15%.

  • Successfully launched Mini Galaxy Chocolate Bars.

  • Successfully launched Master Foods Ice Cream.

  • Sara Lee Kiwi distribution started in Karachi , Peshawar and its 6 allied network towns.
  • 250 ml juices/ Squashes/ Syrups/ Pickles/ Chutnies: In the last fiscal year 2003-2004 the sales contribution of 250 ml tetrapack juices was 50% in the coastal belt while 50% of total sales came from rest of Sindh and Baluchistan. However in the year 2004-2005 when sales and distribution was handed over to IBL, the ratio changed to 32% in coastal belt and 68% in rest of Sindh and Baluchistan. This shows an increase in the distribution level of upto 18% in the juice category in the urban areas of Sindh and Baluchistan within 10 months time.
  • Successfully launched the Telephone Bill Payment Cards all over Pakistan .

  • Successfully launched the Prepaid Telephone Card (Aasaan) . IBL gave growth of Rs.3 million per month against the forecasted numbers.

  • Increased the number of JAZZ connections sold by 15% .

  • Increased the sales of JAZZ cards and PTCL calling cards.

  • Successfully launched the PDF raffle ticket and executed the draw.


The IBL's distribution history is not just about the logistic and executions, it is about people, who we work closely with, in developing and grooming their professional skills. We work together in a dynamic and flexible environment providing everyone with an opportunity to contribute. 

    The IBL culture 
  • IBL promotes a culture of ‘work hard' that acts pivotal in maintaining an enthusiastic, motivational and ultimately professional place to work.

    Introduction to e-Banking
  • Over the past decade, competition in the banking and financial services industry has increased dramatically. Deregulation and emergence of the internet, e-commerce, and other enabling technologies have forced banks to find new ways to differentiate their products and services from those of their competitors. Advancement of information technology has further allowed banks to facilitate customers in a more efficient manner.
    Cash Management System in IBL
  • With growing business, Treasury has enhanced its ability to provide innovative and strategic cash management solution for effective cash management. 

    The Treasury continuously strive to enhance the business possibilities and improvement in system of funds collection for our Branches / Networks providing them with innovative and cost-effective cash management solution that unlock potential business opportunities specially in telecom sector and help create sustainable competitive advantages for the company. 

    Treasury truly believe that technology itself is not what makes the difference it is the solution and the vision behind it that makes a long-term impact on the success of the IBL. 

    We have signed a cash management agreement with Habib Bank Ltd and Union Bank Ltd for  speedy collection of funds from all 63 locations. 

    We will be collecting cash in 2 days instead of 3 -4 days.

  • Introduced ‘'Internal Vacancy Job'' postings for the first time in Company -- March 2005. Received healthy response and identified quite a number of responses for new jobs.

  • Re-introduced ‘'Exit Interview'' concept across the Company to benchmark reasons of out going employees.


The Information Technology Department is responsible for the information flow between 60+ locations of IBL across Pakistan and IBL and its business partners. Our IT Infrastructure has overwhelming recognition in the industry.  This Service department is an integral cog in the wheel of IBL operations! 

Over the last  years we have been busy with constant developments in our IT setup and today we stand at a place  where we have a lot to be proud of, with respect to Pakistan market:
  • Being pioneer in launching first of its kind internet based solution to provide real-time system access to our remote offices.

  • Being one of the very few companies that opted for Oracle Financials at a very early stage when most of the others were just getting to know about it; and interface of the same with home grown applications is another feather in our hat.

  • The launch of Field Force Automation project far ahead of our competition. 

  • To be one of the very few companies to implement best of breed Decision Support Systems at an early stage.

  • One of the very few companies that have full fledged IT setup, with its own software development, functional support, networking and hardware support teams. Something that is well recognized and appreciated by our business partners.
  • One of the very few non-IT companies focusing on implementing international standards and policies in IT Department to ensure consistent quality products and services delivery within acceptable timeframe.
All this have been made possible due to the vision IBL management carries and the importance it gives to invaluable but intangible asset i.e Information.