Business Development

A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all. -- Michael LeBoeuf

Business Development

International Brands (Pvt) Limited (IBL), like any other progressive Business House would like to continuously expand and build on a vast and diversified portfolio. We would thus welcome queries, from Multinational and National Companies that are manufacturing and marketing leading Brands, for availing the best Distribution services in Pakistan.

We have the most comprehensive Distribution network in Pakistan and on top of this infrastructure are built cutting edge collaborative systems that allow seamless integration of projects delivered from multiple locations.

For customers with operations across the globe, we provide unparalleled economies of scale and scope. To customers in specific geographies, we bring best-in-class Distribution consulting & services that help them stay ahead of competition & drive greater returns on their Distribution investments within Pakistan. 

We have independent and focused operation teams catering to each of our accounts, which is optimal when considering the competitive spirit of each product in relation to the other. These units are headed by Senior Management having strong professional backgrounds.

Our integrated project and quality management frameworks enable us to take the uncertainty out of Distribution projects, which ultimately means our customers can expect higher levels of productivity with a reassuring predictability. 
Future prospects interested in:

  • Canned Foods / Processed Foods
  • Snack Foods
  • Juices
  • Household items ( Kitchenware / Cookware )
  • Telephone Calling cards