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Distributors since late 19th Century. Distributors for WD & HO Wills Cigarettes Indian subcontinent based out of Delhi.


Family moved its business head quarters to Karachi after partition


Major Business Growth & Development under the name of United Distributers PVT Limited (UDL). Distributors for companies like

  • Unilever Pakistan,
  • British American Tobacco,
  • Bristol Myers Squibb,
  • GlaxoSmithKline, Novartis,
  • RJR Nabisco,
  • Dow Chemicals,
  • New Zealand Dairy Board.


Business name changed to International Brands (Pvt) Limited (IBL). IBL grew its network of distribution and reach throughout the country and gained a lot of success during the next couple of decades. IBL sales grew from $8 Million to $363 Million.


IBL Acquired G. D. Searle (Pakistan). Under the control of the IBL Group, Searle has gone on to become the 6th largest pharmaceutical company in Pakistan.


IBL Holding Company formed

About IBL Operations

“The IBL Group is a diversified business house with subsidiaries engaged in a wide range of business activities in Pakistan including manufacturing, marketing, sales and distribution of various products, and information technology.

Our success is the result of many things; the knowledge, experience and extraordinary talent of our people; the wisdom of our strategy; the strength of our management team; and, of course, the quality and convenience of our products and services.

But our success is also very much the result of our values, which we are constantly working to reinforce and communicate to our employees, shareholders and clients. At its core, our philosophy expresses the values that drive our behavior. We live by our values and expect all who work for us to live by them as well. They are vital to securing and maintaining respect from our shareholders, employees, government officials and the public at large. They are central to our business franchise.”

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